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3 de agosto de 2012

Instagramers Rio / Brasil: 5th Worldwide Instameet in Rio - Complexo do Alemã...

Instagramers Rio / Brasil: 5th Worldwide Instameet in Rio - Complexo do Alemã...: Assista esse vídeo: O 5º Worldwide Instameet ocorreu na cidade do Rio de Janeiro com um passeio fotográfico pelo Complexo ...

12 de dezembro de 2011

Meu Blog tá todo errado, desde que entraram as novas configurações ficou tudo uma zona.

Super desculpas por isso, tentarei muito consertar!

19 de novembro de 2011

World’s Largest 3D Street Art

World’s Largest 3D Street Art

“Reebok CrossFit Collaboration - World’s Largest 3D Street Art”

Above: “Sydney Harbor - Wimbledon”

Above: “Jameson Cult Film Club presents ‘Aliens’”

Above: “3D Abbey Road canvas in Los Angeles for Visit Britain ‘You’re Invited’ tour”

For seven years, 3D street artist Joe and Max have travelled all over the world from New York to Shanghai to create their works. Their 3D works encourage by-passers to interact with their work. The two artist have worked with clients such as Google, BBC and Save the Children for their advertising, marketing, music video campaigns. Recently, the dual completed the world’s largest and longest 3D street artwork ever on Guiness World Records Day. Joe and Max worked with Reebok CrossFit in London’s West India Quays, Canary Wharf to create the unique piece that measures 1,160.4 meters square and is 106.5 meters long.

For more information on 3D Joe and Max, please visit